Home Remedies On How To Treat Ovarian Cyst

Home Remedies On How To Treat Ovarian Cyst

Ovarian cyst is common among women. Studies show that in every four women at least one will have ovarian cyst. A cyst is a sac-like pocket that may develop anywhere in your body and they are filled with gases like pus or semisolid. Ovarian cyst on the other hand grows on the surface of the ovary. Hormonal imbalance is a major cause of ovarian cysts. In some cases degenerated ovarian cyst could lead to ovarian cancer.

Taking care of oneself is very important because ovarian cancer has the highest rate among cancers affecting the reproductive organs of most women. However, when this is noticed at its early stage the survival rate is high.

Symptoms of an ovarian cyst

The symptoms or signs of ovarian cysts do not show most time. However, as it grows, symptoms may appear. Women going through ovarian cancer treatments go through some of these symptoms such as:

  • weight changes
  • painful bowel movements
  • pelvic pain during or before the menstrual cycle
  • painful intercourse
  • backache or thigh
  • loss of appetite
  • indigestion

The following are severe symptoms that require immediate medical attention.

  • abnormal vaginal bleeding
  • severe pain in the pelvic
  • fever
  • fatigue
  • rapid breathing

These may result in serious complications if it’s not attended to immediately because these symptoms may suggest that the cyst is ruptured or probably an ovarian torsion.

The following home remedies that can help treat ovarian cancer:

1. Ginger:

benefit of ginger
Ginger kills cancer cells. The use of ginger may stop cancer from causing resistance to therapy. If this is used adequately it may stop the growth of ovarian cyst cells. Apart from the ovarian cyst, ginger has powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants properties that can relieve pain and also reduce inflammation. Thus, if you are consistent with the use of ginger, these properties may stop different cancers from appearing in the body.

It is advisable to use fresh ginger tea at home to get relief from pain. I use ginger every day to cook. I always keep fresh ginger in the kitchen and blend it whenever I want to cook, be it sauce, soup, noodles, or any kind of food. This will stop any potential cancer cells from developing from your body. Remember, prevention is better than cure.

How to make ginger tea at home:

  1. Get 2 inches of fresh ginger and 2 cups of water.
  2. Peel and slice the ginger into tiny pieces.
  3. Boil the ginger for like 10 minutes.
  4. Then, remove from heat and strain the tea.
  5. Add a teaspoon of honey and 2 teaspoons of lime to taste.
  6. Consume while hot.

2. Green Tea:

health benefit of green tea
Don’t be surprised to see green tea on the list. The benefits of green tea are not only limited to weight loss, it is also good in boosting the immune system, which in turn helps the body to fight against cancer. A cup of green tea daily has great benefits for our health. The daily cup of this lovely tea does not only suppress any deadly disease from developing in the body it also kills ovarian cancer cells. Green tea is also used to prevent acne and wrinkles.

How to make green tea:

  1. Boil the drinking water for a few minutes and allow it to cool slightly.
  2. Pour the water onto the leaves to release its delicious aroma.
  3. Leave the leaves to steep for up to 3 minutes. Watch out to avoid over brewing which may cause bitterness.
  4. Now, sieve the tea to enjoy your fresh green tea.
  5. Sprinkle some honey into it and a squeeze of lemon to add flavour.
  6. Serve warm.

3. Sunlight:

vitamin d sunlight

Yes! Sunlight is our daily dose of vitamin D. You can get this vitamin D between 8.am to 11.am or let’s say early in the morning when the sun comes out. Exposure to this sun plays a major role in cancer prevention.

So, you can get this vitamin D by taking a frequent walk to absorb from the vitamins, or properly you can do your early morning work out under the sun.

4. Peppermint Tea:

health benefit of pepper mint tea
A running stomach is also part of the signs of ovarian cysts in the body. Peppermint tea can give relief to the symptoms of ovarian cysts listed above like bloating, nausea, indigestion, and diarrhea. Even though, ginger tea is also another option for symptoms like that. Sometimes licking mint sweets may also relieve the feeling of nausea.

How to make peppermint tea:

  • Get 20 fresh peppermint leaves.
  • Boil two cups of water and put the leaves inside to steam until desire results are achieved.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of honey and serve with a squeeze of lemon.

5. Water:

Constipation is another major problem faced by women battling ovarian cysts. In order to manage this, one needs to drink lots of water. Frequent sips of water are necessary for those with diarrhea. Extra fluids in the body make it easy for the stool to pass easily. In a nutshell, constipation should be dealt with, with regular intake of water.

6. Exercise:

benefit of exercise
Well, we all know the benefits of exercise on the body. However, because of the stress some women undergo due to ovarian cyst, mild exercise is recommended to manage the energy level in the body. Doing exercises like walking, stretching or yoga will help with muscle tension. Doing this exercise 3 or 4 times a week could help in reducing the symptoms.

It is important to keep yourself out of stress if you are suffering from ovarian cyst. Have a balanced diet, rest often, and surround yourself with caring people.

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