5 Natural Ways To Get Pink Lips

5 Natural Ways To Get Pink Lips

How do you feel when you see people with pink lips? Admire them? Wish the lips were yours? Well, we all feel that way. Pinks lips are something we all wish to have. Having soft lips is a sign of healthy lips and also improves your appearance. It improves a woman’s beauty or a man’s charming look. So many people looking for solutions for their chapped and dark lips.

Before we go into pink lips remedies. Let’s look at the causes of dark or chapped lips.

Some causes of dark lips are:

  • Low-Quality Cosmetics- The use of fake or low-quality cosmetics like lip balm or lipstick may result in dark pigmented lips.
  • Exposure to direct sunlight can lead to dark or chapped lips.
  • Excessive smoking is another factor that may lead to chapped lips.
  • High intake of caffeine; this could lead to discolouration of lips.
  • Allergic reaction.
  • Hormonal imbalance.
  • Dehydration is also another cause of dry lips. Drink lots of water daily to keep yourself hydrated.

There are several ways to get pink lips which do not require going to the store to buy expensive products. Simple remedies can effectively lighten your lips, make them soft and pink.

How To Get Pink Lips Naturally

The duration for these remedies to work varies, so use them regularly for effective results. There are some pink lips products that work effectively well.

1. Honey & Sugar Scrub For Pink Lips

Honey and sugar scrub remedy not only clean the lips but also moisturizes them deeply, making them clean, succulent, and pink.

How to use:

You will need a tablespoon of honey and half a teaspoon of sugar. Mix together with your finger and scrub on your lips for like 3 minutes. After scrubbing, leave for 30 minutes and rinse with warm water. You can add lemon to the mixtures. Lemon removes the dead cells on the lips. Do it once daily for effective results.

2. Lemon & Glycerine Mask For Pink Lips

These lips mask work effectively in lightening your lips and hydrating the as well.

How to use:

  • Mix lemon juice and organic glycerine very well in a clean bowl or container.
  • Apply the mixtures very well on your lips.
  • Leave it for half an hour to be absorbed.
  • Then clean it off or wash with water. For effective results, use daily.

3. Honey and Lemon For Pink Lips

The benefits of honey and lemon are numerous. Also, these natural ingredients act as a source of remedy to many problems, their usefulness cannot be overemphasized when they are mixed together.

How to use:

  • Put an equal amount of honey & lemon juice in a container.
  • Mix the ingredients thoroughly.
  • Apply the ingredients on your lips.
  • Leave it on your lips for an hour & wash with warm water.

This process will help your lips to feel smoother and look pink. Follow this method several times a day for quick results. Stop when you get your desired result.

4. Lime and Sugar Scrub

Lime is an excellent natural bleaching agent, and sugar helps to remove all the dead skin cells. The acidic properties in lime juice help to lighten the dark shade of the lips.

How to use:

  • Slice the lime in half.
  • Sprinkle a bit of sugar on it and scrub it on your lips for 10 minutes.
  • Leave it for a while to absorb before washing off.
  • Do it daily for better results.

Rub vaseline on your lips after washing. It works well because lime works to naturally bleach your lips, returning them to their light pink colour while sugar works to exfoliate the dead skin cells as explained earlier.

5. Aloe Vera Gel & Coconut Oil Mask

Aloe Vera gel is a magical plant. The usefulness of aloe vera is endless. The gel is one of the most versatile plants on earth. It can also be used to remove the dark shade on the lips.

How to use:

  • Get a fresh aloe vera gel and coconut oil.
  • Slice the aloe vera from the middle and take out the gel.
  • Put the gel in a clean container and mix with a few drop of coconut oil.
  • Apply it on your lips daily. Once a day is ok but you can still use it 2 to 3 times a day. Once you get your desired results, stop the use of it. You can also replace coconut oil with olive oil. They are both very effective in achieving the same results.

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